Please find enclosed our new 2018 Seed Catalogue, detailing our updated grass seed mixtures and new mixtures for Countryside Stewardship. As we mix the seeds here at Foxley, we can always make up a mix to suit your particular field. We will soon have our full range ready for immediate dispatch or collection. The maize acreage seems to be as big as ever, with our exceptional varieties Ardent and Perez proving popular. All spring arable seeds seem to be in short supply for the second season in a row.


The bulk of the UK fertiliser market was done and dusted last year due to CF’s competitive early offer.  The resulting slower trade on the balance has meant that whilst the Nitrogen market has held firm, we have not seen the increase we would normally expect during spring, Nitram not moving in price since December. 46%N Urea has firmed on World markets, but there have been enough competitively priced shipments destined for the UK meaning little price movement again since December.   

Guide prices* at time of writing:

CF Nitram £242 Pulan / Lithan £232

CF Double Top – SOLD OUT.  French 26N + 37So3 £242

20.10.10+7So3 £250 25.5.5+10So3 £240

0.20.30 £256 46% N Granular Urea £250

*Based on full loads of 28.2 tonnes and 28 day payment

Hay & Straw

Quality hay is now difficult to find and hence commanding big prices. We are finding parcels of quite good second quality hay, which, due to the late spring, is now moving. Barley straw is pretty well sold out. The wheat straw price dipped a little late January/early February due to previously obscure sellers coming to the market. However, Power Station contracts are still under-pinning the high price levels and the cold, late spring will only further shorten supply. We do have fair stocks of wheat straw, albeit on the book at big prices. A lot of both hay and straw has gone to Scotland this winter, again reducing supply. Please do get in touch if you are looking to buy or sell, our aim is to offer fair value to all.

We were pleased to host the Worcestershire federation of YFC at Foxley Farm on Sunday 25th February for their county stock judging competition. Despite the biting cold winds, we had bright sunshine and a great turnout from our local clubs. It was great to see so many young people still enjoying “doing it in wellies”!