With some decent spring weather hopefully now just around the corner, we have pleasure in enclosing our new 2020 seed catalogue. Grassland in its many different forms will be key to productive agriculture and protection of our environment going forward. This year’s catalogue has some new mixes designed to maximise output whilst reducing the need for purchased feeds and fertilisers. It also has the full range of stewardship options and some ideas for green manuring of waterlogged fields where attempts at cropping have been in vain.


Despite the fertiliser trade’s numerous attempts to jack up prices, the market has been going sideways for some time, mainly due to poor demand. We are now into a spot market, with most areas desperate to get fertiliser spreaders moving. This, combined with a weakening pound, will lead to prices firming in the short term, albeit for a fairly small proportion of our total tonnage used. The much weaker oil price points to cheaper fertiliser when new season prices come out in late May/June.

Guide prices* at time of writing:

CF Nitram £230
Pulan / Lithan £225
CF Double Top  £240
French 27N +12So3 £199
MOP TSP £260 £260

*Based on full loads of 28.2 tonnes and 28 day payment


Hay & Straw

Increased consumption of straw in the livestock sector has firmed prices, with quality straw now getting harder to find. Some are also stocking up in anticipation of a poor straw crop this year. As a bedding source, there is a limit to the value of straw. As a feed source for beef and dairy cows, straw represents good value, and it is these buyers that will push prices further upward. The hay trade has come alive in the last month, the extended housing period for stock due to the wet autumn, winter and now spring, is at last bringing more buyers to the market. Prices remain good value due to the huge amount of hay about the country.

Do please call if we can assist with any of your seed, fertiliser or hay and straw requirements.