The new Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) for England and the gradual removal of BPS / SFP are the biggest change to agricultural support in a generation. Prices for our produce at, or below cost of production, will result in most farmers signing up to SFI to stay afloat. This will result in big changes to the areas of crops grown and that put in to environmental schemes, resulting in possibly large seed demand for the most popular SFI options. Updated payment rates are as follows:

GS4 Herbal Ley, sown Autumn 2022 (photo 27th May 2023)

Payment per year from the government

NUM3   Legume Fallow £593/ha
SAM3 Herbal Leys £382/ha
IPM2 Flower-Rich Margins £798/ha
AHL1 Pollen and Nectar Mix £739/ha
AHL2 Winter Bird Food £853/ha
AHL3 Field Corners £590/ha

Plus, there are now significant incentives for:

     SAM2 Winter Cover Cropping £129/ha
     IPM3 Companion Cropping £55/ha

Most popular so far are SAM3 Herbal Ley and ALH2 Winter Bird Food, so if considering these options please secure your seed requirements early. Grass seed supply is adequate, but consumption of certain clovers, legumes and herbs could out strip supply.

SAM2 cover crop, including buckwheat, crimson clover, vetch & phacelia.           


The poor weather and falling grain prices have very much kept a lid on the fertiliser market. Throw in the SFI/spring crop acreage, and the result is tonnage will be down considerably this spring. A mild winter has also kept gas prices low, so we have the complete opposite to spring 2022, when Russia illegally invaded sovereign Ukraine.

Guide Fertiliser Prices* 29th February 2024

 CF Nitram – April/May only £330
 Imported Ammonium Nitrate £335
 Protected Granular Urea 46% N £395
 Imported 25N + 30So3 Compound £305
 Imported 24N + 36S03 Compound

Blended 0.20.30



   *Based on full loads and 28 day payment.


Hay & Straw 

A shortage of straw has resulted in much higher prices. With very few sellers left in the midlands, most straw is now having to come from the East, with the resultant cost that incurs. The higher prices will hopefully reduce the amount chopped behind the combine this harvest, but sadly much ground is yet to be planted, so what sort of crops will there be to bale? Best hay made May/June has commanded a premium as there was so little made, whereas the “cow” hay made late August / early September is everywhere, and cheap enough to use as bedding in some cases.

Haylage at Foxley – 7th July 2023

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