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Julian and Vicki Godwin

2022 will be remembered for two things, heat and lack of rain!

Climate change or not, our weather is definitely changing and the seasons are not as reliable as they once were. Farming businesses are adjusting to that new reality. Timing is everything with farming, and hitting the “sweet spot” for the job is getting more difficult with these changing weather patterns. Night-time tractor work is more commonplace to simply get the job done, or grab the best conditions. Some of the nicest grain and straw samples were harvested in the dead of night last year!

Longer, more diverse crop rotations, low till and min till establishment, green manures and organic manures will all improve soils and make them better able to maintain production whatever the weather.

We are sure we have the right seeds for your field!

Julian Godwin – February 2023

…& seed specialists

• More milk from forage • Better liveweight gain

• Reduced carbon footprint • Improved soils • Greater bio-diversity

All can be worked towards with seeds from Foxley. As most farmers know, getting the crop rotation right, and the best seed choices within that crop rotation, are the key to profitable and sustainable farming. In most cases better farming can also mean improved environmental outcomes:

• The most efficient farms deliver foods with the lowest carbon footprint.

• The best grassland managers will have good soil structure.

• Prudent use of expensive fertilisers and pesticides means we can work alongside nature.

The new ELM scheme from the government provides income streams to make up for some of the loss of the Basic Payment Scheme. Some of the options within this require specific seeds mixtures to be planted and we are committed to providing the best seed and the right advice. New and existing Countryside Stewardship agreements have various field options where specific seed mixtures are required, which we are able to supply. A good example of this is GS4 “Legume & Herb Rich Sward”, an option where there is a good payment rate, and the ability to farm with less artificial fertilisers or pesticides. There was massive uptake last year and we expect similar this year.

Please do call for all or any of your seed enquiries.