New leys are the only way to get a return on such expensive fertilisers. As grass leys get older, weeds and annual meadow grass become established, and yield response to fertiliser reduces.   Unlike most inputs, Grass Ley Mixtures have had little or no price increase this spring, and so it makes more sense than ever to get new seeds in the ground.   Have a look at our new 2023 catalogue enclosed, we have the right seed for any and every situation.

Fertilisers  – CF Nitram being produced using cheaper imported American liquid natural gas (LNG) has reduced prices considerably.   Any buyer that had the presence of mind to delay purchase until the last minute, has been rewarded, although I suspect they are very few in number. The only real question is what to do now? Gas prices are at their lowest since summer 2021, and we therefore may already be somewhere near the bottom of the market.   There are already new season Urea offers, so do please enquire.  Phosphate and Potash prices remain firm due to strong global demand and Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Guide Fertiliser Prices* 22nd March 2023

CF Nitram £465
Imported Ammonium Nitrate £460
Protected Granular Urea 46% N £520
Imported 26N + 35So3 Compound £480
Imported 27N + 12S03 Compound

Blended 0.20.30



*Based on full loads and 28 day payment.                 

Hay & Straw 

A good steady trade in both hay & straw means we are “getting to the back of the cupboard” in the Midlands and West.   There are outdoor stacks of straw in the East which we may now have to utilise. Prices for straw have remained good value for consumers due to the fantastic harvest and general over supply.   Hay now getting harder to find and stocks will be pretty well exhausted come turnout.   Considering the dry summer and fertiliser price,  I am surprised we have not seen higher hay prices.   Perhaps we have not seen the sky-high levels of previous years due to fairly kind winter and continued reduction in the suckler cow herd.

We welcome your enquiries.