The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) is now fully open for farmers to apply, with over 15,000 having now expressed an interest and over 5000 in the application process. Given the challenging conditions this autumn, these numbers are likely to increase significantly in the coming months as farmers look for alternative cropping options, and sources of income. We expect high demand for seed mixes to meet the requirements of some of the most profitable schemes in the spring, including:

    Payment per year from the government
NUM3   Legume Fallow £593/ha
SAM3 Herbal Leys £382/ha
IPM2 Flower-Rich Margins £673/ha
AHL1 Pollen and Nectar Mix £614/ha
AHL2 Winter Bird Food £732/ha
AHL3 Field Corners £590/ha



Herbal Ley Sown Autumn 2022 photographed 31st July 23.

Plus, there are now significant incentives for:

SAM2 Winter Cover Cropping £129/ha
IPM3 Companion Cropping £55/ha


Direct drilling herbal ley 4th October 2023.

If you’re feeling in the dark about SFI and want to have a chat about the new schemes, or what seed is required to fit the criteria – just get in touch.


Lower gas prices and sufficient gas stocks keep fertiliser prices at more sensible levels. Quite big stocks with the UK importers, and slow trade, has allowed prices to ease a little the last few weeks. Prices normally firm toward the spring, so now might be a good time to order if not already done so.


   Guide Fertiliser Prices* 11th Dec 2023

 CF Nitram – March/April £384
 Imported Ammonium Nitrate £350
 Protected Granular Urea 46% N £395
 Imported 26N + 35So3 Compound £365
 Imported 27N + 12S03 Compound

Blended 0.20.30



   *Based on full loads and 28 day payment.



Hay & Straw 

The tricky harvest during which plenty of straw was chopped, and increased demand due to prolonged wet weather, has woken the straw trade from its slumber! Prices have jumped as the market realised how little quality straw was available in the midlands. Thankfully there is sufficient stocks in the East, but shortage and transport across the country, will be reflected in delivered prices. Quality May / June hay is also commanding a big premium as so little was made, much of it going to be repacked into the premium equine and pet markets. August / September “cow” hay is plentiful, and better quality than expected. We are already moving quite a bit where the seller’s price is realistic.

May we take this opportunity to wish you, our valued friends and customers, a happy Christmas & prosperous 2024.

We welcome your enquiries.