Grass Seeds
Our NEW 2022 seed catalogue is enclosed with new features on Clovers, Herbal Leys, Green Manures and Lupins. The combination of the fertiliser situation and slightly more generous government schemes is generating much interest in these types of crops. Do please take a look.

War in Europe, the first in over 80 years, has broken many of the supply chains we have become so reliant on in recent decades. Perhaps, in pursuit of a better deal, we have all been guilty of not really finding out where products are from. Even before the conflict, Russia had stopped exports of Ammonium Nitrate, and it has now come to light that a fair proportion of the Nitrogen used by UK fertiliser blenders was Russian. The halting of this trade has brought the normally busy spring market to a standstill. Whilst most arable and dairy farms will have secured supply, the fear is that many beef and sheep enterprises are now unable to do so, even at these “off the clock” prices. The Western World’s leaders have told us we must do without Russian gas and oil, which is all very well, but this will have a large effect on the cost of producing food for some years to come.

Guide Fertiliser prices at 16th March 2022

CF Nitram – £930 limited

Imported Ammonium Nitrate – £N/A*

Granular Urea 46% N – £N/A*

20.10.10 Blended – £N/A*

Imported 27N +12S03 Compound – £N/A*

* Offers are now daily, today (Wednesday) we are still awaiting our first offer of the week.

Due to the high prices and limited availability, we will not be stocking fertiliser at Foxley this spring. Please call and we will endeavour to supply. Minimum order 4.8 tonnes.

Hay & Straw
The straw market has been steady right through, with still ample supplies of wheat straw. Barley straw is now becoming more scarce and therefore commanding a premium. The hay market has at last picked up due to the fertiliser situation, with some farmers buying now as a form of insurance. We foresee hay and haylage being very short next winter, unless fertiliser becomes cheaper and more available in the very near future.

Do please call if we can assist with any of your seed, fertiliser or hay and straw requirements.