FS4 – Long Term Ley


5 Years Plus / Permanent Duration Cutting & Grazing Seeds Mixture – No Clover

For farmers wanting to spray out weeds in the new ley without using an expensive ‘clover safe’ chemical. Clover can easily be established by over seeding once the weed control is complete.  Also suited to high Nitrogen systems where the clover struggles to compete.

3kg Calibra (T) Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass
2kg Aberwolf Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass
3kg Bijou / Twymax (T) Late Perennial Ryegrass
2kg Aston Cheifton Late Perennial Ryegrass
3kg Cancan / Toddington Late Perennial Ryegrass
1kg Timothy

14kgs per acre pack



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Weight 14 kg