Grass Seed 

Enclosed is our 2017 catalogue with updated mixtures and a new section on green manure crops. The use of some highly rated “Aberystwyth” varieties further improves our mixtures with regard to yield, digestibility and persistence. We are taking in new stocks now, so mixtures can be made to order for next day delivery or same day collection if required. We also have new stock of stubble turnip and forage rape seed ready for immediate collection or delivery.

Rape Seed

New varieties such as Django from KWS and Dariot from DSV again show steps forward for yield and diseases resistance. We can supply the full range of varieties at competitive prices. Hybrid or Conventional, Clearfield or clubroot resistant.   

Cereal Seeds

Most cereal crops look well which should mean plenty of seed. As always the newest varieties will sell out soonest. The complex mix of varieties and seed treatments, a short window to get seed cleaned, certified and treated, and few seed plants, means early order is recommended.


CF Fertilisers continued competitive pricing means a large part of next year’s consumption has already been bought. The blue bags still look fair value against imported product although there are exceptions like Spanish ASN 26N + 37So3 which is still about £15 per tonne cheaper than CF Double Top. Urea and Urea blends still look good value with November/December delivery and January payment.

Guide prices* at time of writing:

CF Nitram 34.5% N

£195 October

Pulan 34.5% N

£181 July

Granular Urea 46% N

£209 October/November



Quality Spanish ASN  (26N + 37So3)

£189 July

*Based on full loads and 28 day payment.

Hay & Straw

Increased use by the power stations, and more chopping for soil organic matter will keep the straw market fairly tight. Should we experience a “catchy” harvest with showers or rain, then we expect much more straw to be chopped and prices to firm significantly. The dryer weather to date has resulted in some superb hay samples, albeit of a reduced quantity, meaning hay and haylage should start to increase in value.


We are pleased to be working with QLF, an established company based at Much Wenlock in Shropshire, with the development of their new Liquid Carbon Based Fertiliser – LCBF – brand named Boost.   

LCBF Boost is a blend of molasses, yeasts and nutrients to feed the soil bacteria, microbes and fungi, which in turn, through greater plant nutrient availability, enables improved root and seedling vigour. Independent trial data over the last 7 years has shown significant yield increase across a range of crops, including cereals, maize, potatoes and grass.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased yield – 6% on average
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Improved nutrient availability
  • Possible reduction in applied Nitrogen
  • Improved decomposition of manures and crop residues

Supply & Application

  • Applied via a normal crop sprayer
  • Can be tank mixed with agrochemicals and other liquid fertilisers
  • Sprayer nozzles may need to be changed
  • Supplied in bulk or 1000 litre IBCs – enough for 50 hectares
  • Can be premixed with Land Owner liquid fertilisers
  • Apply at 20 litre per hectare in 200 litres of water
  • Costing £5.58 per acre / £13.80 per hectare


A good spring for maize with crops looking well. The photos below taken on 5th July are of an exceptional crop of PEREZ in East Worcestershire – 8ft tall and tassle-ing! August harvest?

We wish you all a successful harvest & welcome your enquiries for seed, fertiliser, hay or straw.