Hay & Straw

 Hay continues to be difficult to find and fiercely expensive, to a point where the equestrian market is out competing the agricultural. Quality is, of course, fantastic, meaning they will eat it too fast! With a steady trade on straw resulting from ample supply we are, however, busy moving straw in to dairy farms short on silage, and export to Belgium and Holland. Please do contact us if you have hay or straw to sell in big square bales.

Grass Seed

 We experienced a good trade last autumn, particularly on the shorter term grasses. The hot dry summer across northern Europe resulted in a reduced grass seed harvest, so this, combined with a weaker pound, means grass and maize seeds will cost a little more. Whilst we do not expect any real problem with the importation of grass and maize seeds – deal or no deal – it may be prudent to get your order in early to ensure timely delivery.

Maize Seed

Fantastic quality and good crops mean it’s been another good year for the UK maize crop. Some crops were badly affected by the hot dry spell, but heavier land farms yielded well and all was harvested in near perfect conditions. We will contact you in the new year to discuss your requirements.


When the season started mid-May with UK produced Nitram around £220, we thought that was dear enough. Little did we know how the market would continue to firm on the back of a strong wheat price, strong energy prices and strong global demand for Urea. The market normally firms a further £25 or so between now and spring, but oil and gas markets have softened, so we may start to see fertiliser a little less expensive.

Guide prices* at time of writing

CF Nitram £295
Lithan / Pulan £284
Granular Urea £292
0.20.30 £299
Quality Spanish ASN (26N + 37So3) £297
Quality French 27N + 9So3 £257

   *Based on full loads and 28 day payment.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your custom during 2018 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019.