Grass Seed

 Please find enclosed our new 2019 seed catalogue detailing improved mixtures and the full range of seeds we offer. Last years dry weather across Northern Europe reduced the grass seed harvest and we are now seeing the resultant step up in prices.  Expect to pay an extra £10 to £12 per acre above 2018 levels. One way to cut the cost of keeping leys productive is over seeding, and we had some great results last year by waiting for the September rain and then harrowing leys hard to get the tilth required to take the seed. Do remember we mix the grass seed here at Foxley so can design a mix to suit your field.

Maize Seed

The majority of maize growers have booked their seed requirement. Due to the ban on Mesurol seed treatment very few importers are holding much stock, so do please order now if not done so already. We currently still have seed available of the excellent variety PEREZ if required.


CF (the owners of the Nitram brand) really have messed UK farmers about this season. Pushing prices up aggressively through the summer and autumn, only to cut them twice this spring when they realised they were losing out to imported ammonium nitrate and urea. Generally, Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash markets are firm around the world, meaning prices are generally higher than spring 2018.

Guide prices* at time of writing

CF Nitram £263
Lithan / Pulan £254
Granular Urea £265
0.20.30 £285
Quality Spanish ASN (26N + 37So3) £288
Urea / Polysulphate blend 30N 5k 6Cao + 17So3 £247

   *Based on full loads and 28 day payment.

We keep the most popular fertilisers and granular lime here in stock at Foxley, ready for immediate collection or delivery.

Hay & Straw

The hay market has fallen a good way from the heady prices seen back in November. A relatively mild winter, frugal consumption and a lack of buying power amongst sheep and beef farmers are some of the story. There has been some export trade and we are now at a more affordable level to get barns cleared. Wheat straw has been steady right through with much of it being fed in dairy and dry cow rations due to the excellent quality. Barley straw now more difficult to find and hence commanding a premium. We do not expect much carry over of hay or straw in the midlands.

We welcome your enquiries.