FS2 – Medium Term Ley


3 to 5 years Cutting & Grazing Seeds Mixture

Offers plentiful grass for cutting or grazing. Will create a versatile sward that can be cut or grazed to suit your system. The different species used will provide vigorous growth all season. Responds to both artificial and manure nutrient sources. Includes white clovers to add protein to the forage and Nitrogen to the ground.

3kg Cordial/Kirial Hybrid Ryegrass
3kg Calibra Intermediate (T) Perennial Ryegrass
2kg Nifty Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass
3kg Bijou / Twymax (T) Late Perennial Ryegrass
2kg Toddington / Cancan Late Perennial Ryegrass
1kg White Clover Blend

14kgs per acre pack

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Weight 14 kg