Foxley Herbal Ley


4 – 5 year cutting & grazing

A wide range of grasses, legumes and herbs are supplied in the right quantities to achieve a truly diverse sward.

1.5kg Festulolium
1.7kg Hybrid Ryegrass
2.2kg Internediate (Te Perennial Ryegrass
2.25kg Timothy
1.4kg Meadow Fescue
0.8kg Tall Fescue
0.4kg Alsike Clover
1kg Red Clover
0.65kg Sweet Clover
0.5kg White Clover
0.5kg Lucerne
0.5kg Burnet Forage Herb
0.45kg Chicory
0.15kg Ribgrass (plantain)

14kg per acre total




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